Individuals and organizations intent on the best coaching to actualize personal and professional goals hire Joanne Bond.

reaching for a starLeadership Coaching

Great leaders can be CEOs, partners, chiefs, directors, managers, or supervisors. Joanne Bond is a trusted advisor and partner to leaders at all levels. Joanne coaches leaders who are passionate and courageous about professional, organizational and personal development. Whether you are a CEO focused on leading your executive team through strategic thinking, a director managing multiple, competing priorities while seeking personal/professional balance, a manager building cross-functional relationships, or a supervisor coaching performance, Joanne Bond is the coach people hire. 

Small Business Coaching

People committed to fulfilling their dream of business ownership hire Joanne Bond. Joanne’s experience in business ownership since 1997, enthusiasm and devotion to success, and diligent focus on the practicalities and logistics of creation and development, enable her to coach people to successfully manifest their business, create infrastructure, and take it to the next level.

Personal Coaching

Joanne Bond partners with you to explore your personal values, beliefs, and way of being for inner transformation so that you can experience the life you want both personally and professionally. She excels at coaching individuals through transition to their next best life chapter.


Joanne Bond may use formal assessments to assist clients in deepening their self-awareness and self-knowledge, which leads to better choices for more productive action. She is certified to administer, score and interpret the following assessment for individuals and teams:

  • EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i®), a psychometrically valid and reliable measure of emotionally and socially intelligent behavior that "determines how effectively we understand and express ourselves, understand others and relate with them, and cope with daily demands." (Reuven Bar-On, 2005). The EQ-i results provide data on the impact of emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness.
  • EQ 360 2.0 (EQ 360®), a performance evaluation method that provides an individual with a deeper understanding into his/her work functioning and leadership from multiple perspectives (e.g., supervisor, co-workers, peers, direct reports).  360-degree feedback is usually part of a leadership developmental planning process, with its goal being to create awareness and establish sustainable, long-term professional and personal growth.